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Andy Birol of Birol Growth Consulting

Champion of Small Business


To know Andy Birol is to know someone who carries the art and practice of business consulting to its highest pinnacle.

Fifteen years ago, he realized his calling in life was to help small-business owners get there by aligning their skills, confidence, and mission with that of their companies. Not long after, he started his own company, Birol Growth Consulting.

Since then, he’s advised more than 460 business owners. On average, he’s grown his clients by $100,000, and has had a $450-million impact on the economy. And he’s authored five, business books. His most recent is The Five Catalysts of Seven Figure Growth published by CareerPress, in which he sets forth his practical business philosophy of Best and Highest Use®.

As Andy describes it, Best represents the preferred choice among the things a business owner does well. Highest represents what’s most valued by customers and partners. And Use is the value a business owner provides to others. Andy runs his consulting business by this dictum and instills its philosophy in the business owners and companies he serves. 

Spend time with Andy, and he’ll take your breath away. He’s a whirlwind of vision, persistence, and focus. His passion and specialty lies in looking at the status quo and its limitations and finding ways to change it.

Just as important, his fascination with small-business owners and their commitment to business drives his own agenda.

“Business owners drive and accelerate business growth,” he says. “Every day, they put it all on the line with their money, passion, ego, time, and energy. That’s a lot to get excited about.”

As he sees it, being a business owner is the ultimate, non-discriminatory activity. “You can be a business owner whatever your race, gender, age color, or creed. Anybody can take on the venture of being a business owner,” he says.

Advising business owners fits right in with Andy’s unbounded creativity. “Business owners need to push their confidence to build outside of the box,” he says. “They have the control of taking an idea or an opportunity and really pushing it to the limit. They can put things together and make more out of them than they had to begin with.”

All of which draws Andy to business owners, especially when he can help them grow their businesses. “I’ve always liked what business owners can do, and the way they put things together and make more out of them than they had in the first place.”

Contact Andy by email at abirol@andybirol.com,or at his website at  www.andybirol.com.

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