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Today’s Featured Expert

 Razi Imam, Founder of Landslide Technologies

And Co-Founder of 113 Industries

 Mention the name, Razi Imam, and you’re likely to hear people talk about him as a  successful, serial entrepreneur. Now, you’re more likely to hear them refer to him as an advisor to the president’s administration.  

At the invitation of President Obama, Razi participated in the Forum on Jobs and the Economy on January 18 2012, in Washington, D.C.

 The forum provided an opportunity for the president to get direct feedback from top business leaders on how his administration can help the economy flourish in the northeastern region of the country through steps that support job creation.

 Responding to this challenge gets to the heart of what Razi is all about. “What really makes me tick,” he said, “is solving game-changing problems. I love to tackle them, work with them, understand and solve them.

 He sees innovation as the answer to job creation. “Our companies need to be able to innovate by adopting new technologies coming out of US-based universities and federal labs,” he said. “They need to do a better job of spinning out the technology they have on their shelves.” 

 “If we think tactically about creating jobs, then we’ll create tactical values that’ll be purely immediate and short term. But if we create a strategic, innovation boom, we’ll create nation-changing values that’ll create jobs for the long term,” he said.

Razi points out two, key factors hindering job growth in the United States. First, our industries are getting antiquated in their manufacturing techniques. Second, a surplus of discoveries and ideas exist in our universities and federal labs that’s doing nothing to alleviate the dearth of innovation in industry.

 ”That’s about $!-trillion worth of technology just sitting there that could help to create the innovation boom I have in mind that would get people back to work,” he said.

 Razi’s outlook has historical precedent. During the 1940’s, President Truman galvanized the entire nation around the development of atomic power. Then came President Kennedy who rallied the country around putting a man on the moon.

 “In like fashion,” Razi said, “President Obama needs to drive a major vision of innovation to energize the United States, to get everyone excited about the future of America, and to create jobs for that future.”