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Biden’s On a Short Leash

Vice President Biden has put his foot in his mouth so often that it’s a wonder he has any teeth left. The guy just doesn’t do well when he ad libs.

But that seems to be changing. It looks like Obama has Uncle Joe on a short leash. He’s staying on point and hitting Romney’s soft spots like outsourcing jobs to Shanghai instead of keeping them here at home.

Politics aside, if you’re speaking publicly ya gotta know your limitations. If you’re not good on your feet and not too quick on the uptake, you have to do three things.

First, you have to discipline yourself to stay on message.

Second, you need to ask yourself the likely questions you’ll get on camera from your listeners or from TV news reporters and to formulate your responses ahead of time.

Third, you have to be aware of what situations prompt you to splurt out silly bafflegab, and use new verbal tactics to side step these situations.

Time will tell if Vice President Biden can stick to his new-found, oratorical approach. If he doesn’t, he’ll look shorter and smaller than the Mitt. If he does, he’ll prove his naysayers wrong and help his boss get re-elected.