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Better to Be For or Against Something?

I’m getting estimates for some work I need to be done on my home. As I do, I hear what needs to be removed and what needs to replace what’s removed.

It would be difficult for me to consider a repair source credible who just told me only what I needed to remove, ’cause I wouldn’t know what to replace the removed stuff with.

Is something as common sensical as this too much to ask of someone who makes his living as a member of the House of Representatives? Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not commenting on politics. But I am commenting on when I don’t hear something substantial that tells me what a person who represents a segment of the body politic will replace what he wants to dispose of.

Take the recent remark of  Representative John Boehner in which he’s quoted as saying that the Affordable Care Act “has to be ripped out by its roots.” I get the message. Easy enough to understand, especially given the metaphor of ripping out by the roots. The metaphor says totally, utterly, completely, without a shred left of the law. I know what he wants to remove>

But I don’t hear what he wants to replace what he’ll remove. I’m not getting anything like an alternative solution to mend the hodge-podge state of health care in the United States. Let’s say that the law does get ripped out completely. What then are we left with? The same ol’ same ol’ ?

What will substitute for the law? What will the solution look like?  Perhaps that’s yet to come. I just don[t know when or what it will be.

Hmmm … will we be left to scramble like the little piggies after the Big Bad Wolf has huffed and pugged and blown their house down?

Anyone else out there sense this communication gap?