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How Are You Going for Your Gold?

I have to admit that I loved the Olympics. Watching so many expert, best-in-the-world athletes—gymnasts, swimmers, ping pong players, you name it—who competed with each other with such fierce intensity. Where else can you see all at once the crème de la crème of so much athletic ability?

 I think of the experts I work with as I think of Olympic athletes. Experts are always on the move to their gold—adhering to their marketing plans, doing the best for their clients, and winning new business.

 For some experts, I split my time coaching them on things like focusing on issues to address and refining their content marketing as I help them to be read, be heard, be seen, and be known, For other experts, I directly handle a large part of the doing it with them—from strategizing on their marketing vision to brand journalism. 

 Over time, one thing has become clear to me. The best athletes don’t just do what they do once in a while to win their gold, or just frequently. They do it a lot. They’re prolific at it.

 The same holds true for experts who know what it takes to communicate their vision and their content. They are prolific. Anything else just doesn’t work. They get their blogs and newsletters out on time and they do it frequently. They appear in traditional media. They cover themselves in Facebook, on Twitter, and on You Tube. They speak before pertinent audiences with great regularity.

So how do you be prolific in your communications? Here are my three recommendations:

 To be prolific, be disciplined. For example, if you’re publishing a blog or newsletter or both, set yourself into a schedule to complete it with regularity. If you don’t you won’t. Yes, you may publish stuff once in a while, but you won’t be prolific.

 Prolific people work to a program. They write down their content-marketing plans and then work the plans. They’re focused and self-defined in what they do.

 They make time for planning and doing. Experts who are prolific at what they do plan ahead. They put in advance skull time. They avoid last-minute doing. They don’t wait until a deadline rolls around to get started.

 I’d just add one final thought: To be prolific in your content marketing is to be in control of your content marketing,