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Beyond Mediocrity to the Stars

At the close of the movie, Amadeus, the character of Salieri, played by F. Murray Abraham, who represents the embodiment of mediocrity, utters these words, “Mediocrity is everywhere.” 

Political persuasions aside, let’s hope President Obama and Governor Romney surpass that level into the lofty stratosphere. 

As the Communications Expert for Experts let me suggest three, key dynamics to watch for in the presidential debates:

Clarity of Vision: The clearer and  more well defined vision, the better. Worthy executives spell out abundantly clear visions. Not-so-worthy executives leave critical issues shrouded in fog. 

In-synch Delivery: Body language, tone of voice, and content should orchestrate well together. Excitement, for example, should be expressed with elated body language, insistent vocals, and on-point verbals. If one or more of these fails to match, one senses a flawed delivery.

Mental Acuity:  Six, 15-minute debating sessions and the resulting stress can tire even the most stout hearted debater. In the presidential debates, Obama and Romney need to conclude with the same energy level that they started with. The one who flags looks less than the other.

By all means, please let me know what you’re looking for in the debates.