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Better to Be For or Against Something?

I’m getting estimates for some work I need to be done on my home. As I do, I hear what needs to be removed and what needs to replace what’s removed.
It would be difficult for me to consider a repair source credible who just told me only what I needed to remove, ’cause I wouldn’t know what [...]

Biden’s On a Short Leash

Vice President Biden has put his foot in his mouth so often that it’s a wonder he has any teeth left. The guy just doesn’t do well when he ad libs.
But that seems to be changing. It looks like Obama has Uncle Joe on a short leash. He’s staying on point and hitting Romney’s soft spots like [...]

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Today’s Featured Expert
Dr. Scott D. Miller
President of Bethany College
 How does one describe a higher-education expert like Dr. Scott D. Miller, President of Bethany College, in West Virginia?  “Entrepreneurial” and “transformational” are often employed to describe this veteran, liberal-arts college president.
I should mention that Scott and I go back a few years to when I [...]

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Today’s Featured Expert
 Razi Imam, Founder of Landslide Technologies
And Co-Founder of 113 Industries
 Mention the name, Razi Imam, and you’re likely to hear people talk about him as a  successful, serial entrepreneur. Now, you’re more likely to hear them refer to him as an advisor to the president’s administration.  
At the invitation of President Obama, Razi [...]

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Today’s Featured Expert
Andy Birol of Birol Growth Consulting
Champion of Small Business
To know Andy Birol is to know someone who carries the art and practice of business consulting to its highest pinnacle.
Fifteen years ago, he realized his calling in life was to help small-business owners get there by aligning their skills, confidence, and mission with that [...]

When A Word Is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Last month, I went to my dermatologist – to discuss the results of a routine body scan. I’ll call him Dr. Flesh to keep his true name anonymous.
For no particular reason, I was feeling up, the kind of up when all’s right with the world. After checking in, I took a seat and leafed through a copy of Newsweek [...]

Why Did Cain Suspend His Presidential Campaign Instead of Withdrawing from It?

So, why didn’t Cain withdraw from his presidential campaign instead of suspending it?
In our hearts of hearts. we know he’s been vanquished. The number of accusations brought him down.
Yet, in this context, to withdraw from the campaign carries an overtone of backing away and admitting defeat. But to suspend his campaign, leaves the door open linguistically for [...]