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What Better Way to Champion

Your Expertise Than With a Book?


Not the easiest thing, writing and marketing a book. Yet, experts need to publish a work to cement their expertise in the minds and hearts of their clients or customers. That’s where I come in to:

  • Facilitate the decision to seek a publisher or to self-publish.
  • To research and prepare a book proposal.
  • To researach and to write the book for them or with them.
  • To market the book.

Please check out this these works I’ve completed with clients …

Written by Hank

  • Driven: A How-to Strategy for Unlocking Your Greatest Potential, by Razi Imam with Hank Walshak, Published by John Wiley & Sons. For a free chapter, log on to www.drivennation.com.

Authored by Hank

Co-authored by Hank

  • Top Ten Tips to Lasting Happiness
  • 29 Perspectives: Success Strategies for Business and Life

Edited by Hank