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Positioning and Differentiating Experts

Through Content Marketing


When I first speak with experts and business owners, they often talk about media specifics like launching a blog, or writing a book or an ezine to get their messages out.  But focusing on media vehicles at the outset is like wanting to get to second base before getting to first. Look at it this way:

Where do your clients and customers go for the information they need? It makes sense first to research what media–traditional or social–they consult  for business-related information. After all, it makes no sense to target media they don’t consult for their businesses. 

What information do your clients or customers need to grow their businesses? It’s better first to devote attention to attracting them by offering them content to grow their businesses. We’re past the time, when you could just push information at them. Now’s the time to engage them with content that’s: 

Original: Give clients and prospects information only you can supply and that they can’t find elsewhere. 

Compelling: The information you provide should be well written from their viewpoint and their interests. This will energize their attention to read and digest the material and consider you an information source  to work with.

Actionable: Your information needs to be eminently practical. Clients and prospects should be able translate the information you offer into something they can put into practice to move their businesses forward.

Relevant content may take a number of different forms — from  problem-solving information and thought pieces to case studies, and more. Whatever will work best for your readers.

Next, focus on the media your clients and prospects access for the information they need. Some clients and prospects still access information through traditional media as well as social media.

If you’re in business today, you’re in the publishing business. You need to market content as well as goods and services. Make this factor integral to your content-marketing efforts.