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Here’s what Hank’s clients have to say …

“I can tell you firsthand that Hank knows what he’s talking about with content writing. Partnering with him and his expertise was the single best thing we did for Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh. In case you hadn’t noticed, the September 6 event was on all the major local networks, several network radio shows and had feature articles in both papers. We continue to have a great project partnership on media relations.”

Joanne Quinn-Smith

2009 National SBA Journalist of the Year
AKA TechnoGranny, Talkcast Host
Publisher, PositivelyPittsburghLiveMagazine.com

“When I was updating my company website, I had this nagging feeling that my content was too academic, and lacked the style and finesse typically expected in a creative website.

“Hank came to the rescue. Essentially he brought back my voice by reworking the content to tell SG&D’s story with more clarity, fluidity, friendliness and an inviting tone.

“In addition to the content changes Hank made, he also felt the site needed more visual impact to engage visitors. I took his advice to heart and created several animations to provide that unexpected pop to the site. The results were exciting. The positive feedback we received from our many clients, colleagues and prospects was beyond my expectations.”

Donna P. Barger


SG&D Communications and Design

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“At the Pittsburgh Rotary, we listen to our fair share of speakers during the year. I can say without hesitation that Hank’s recent lunch presentation–“Bolster Your Brand with Content Marketing”—ranked among the best of the best. His presentation won our highest reviews. And he kindly agreed to share his slides with our members, making the occasion even more of a hit.”

Karl Ohrman, President

Coordinated Financial Services,

Past President, Pittsburgh Rotary Club

Hank is helping me achieve my goal of writing a book based on my experiences that led to building Landslide Technologiesand defining a new category in sales called Sales Production System. He is co-authoring with me, and has been a fantastic partner. Without his patience, insight, and doggedness, I would never have been able to complete my goal.

~ Razi Imam, CEO, Landslide Technologies

Your history, Meeting the Challenge: The Wesley College Story, captures in rich detail the dynamism that has characterized the college over the years. They narrative portrays Wesley authentically in relation to its historical content and makes the people, places, and events come alive. I and the Board of Trustees of Wesley College appreciate your unrelenting vigor in taking on and completing this project.

~ Dr. Scott D. Miller, President, Wesley College

Hank was a godsend on my book project. Without him my book not be as readable.  We met in a coffee shop on the bank of the Monongahela river and spoke about his business and how I might help him with a web project. I mentioned my Major Washington book, and after much discussion, I hired him as my editor and he contracted my company to build his web site. It turned out that his talents helped me far more than the small amount of programming we provided for him.

~ Mark Bursic, President, Political Technology

Over the past 15 years, Hank has been our go-to person for writing press releases and editing articles and books.  He has also served as a valuable writing and speaking coach for our clients.

~ Dr. Joanne G. Sujansky, CSP, CEO, KEYGroup

Hank is an experienced presentation coach. He builds a dialogue with his clients, and there’s plenty of give and take. Best of all, he helps clients learn by doing.

~ Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed, President, KEYGroup

Hank has just as sharp an eye for the less than well-turned phrase as he does for the outright typo. Your book will be the better for being in his hands.

~ Jay Speyerer, Author of Stories of Our Days

Hank generates responsiveness and receptivity in his audience. And his coaching motivates others to refine their presentations in ways that didn’t think possible.

~ Angela Arrington, Director, Center for Corporate and

Executive Education,Duquesne University

“In just a few minutes of coaching, Hank helped me to life my presentations to a new level. And he did this by recommending one or two behavior changes that had a dramatic impact on my delivery.

~ Elisabet Rodriguez, President,Rodriguez & Associates, and Consultant on  Women’s Issues, Diversity, Retention, Leadreship & Communication

When Hank edits business proposals for me, he never fails to capture subtle nuances I want to include. He’s so on target with this that it’s as if he can read my mind.

~ Frances Jordan, Business Consultant and Executive Coach

To say that I enjoy working with Hank is an understatement. As an editor, he appreciates the big picture of our editorial direction for The Strip Magazine, and brings out the best in our writers. As a writer himself, he breathes life into whatever topic he covers. He knows what it takes to capture and hold audience interest.

~ Chuck Shane, Publisher, The Strip Magazine

Writing a non-fiction book can be daunting. But Hank showed me and other coaches that it is eminently do-able. Better yet, he demonstrated how to get started and to complete the process.

~ David Goldman, Coach, For Business Owners, Executives, Leaders and Salespeople … President, Pittsburgh Coaches Association

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