Who is Hank Walshak? Hank Walshak, founder, owner, and CEO of Walshak Communications, Inc., is a communications consultant, executive presentation coach, and author. He focuses on helping knowledge entrepreneurs in small and mid-sized businesses and their owners create expertise-related content to differentiate themselves as experts. Read More

The Marketing Game

Has Changed


Now, It’s Less Push 

With More Content


Building business and growing margin dollars is good. But that’s not enough for experts who need to get their voices and messages heard. Now, you need to do more.

You have to wrap value-adding content around the expertise you market and sell.  

 Hank Walshak, Founder and CEO of Walshak Communications, Inc. uses his 25-plus years communications experience and expertise to help you, the expert, plan and launch a program to deliver product- or service-supporting content to clients and prospects.  

Hank assesses how you convey your expertise to add value to customers and prospects. He provides a detailed, objective assessment of your traditional and social-media communications and how they support your vision and margin-dollar growth.

Hank works with you to design and implement a program to deliver expertise-related content. With his help, your program creates and sustains tailored communications about your expertise to clients and prospects.